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Antarkar Enterprises

 Your trusted source for reliable solar products. Harness the power of the sun and save on energy costs with our top-quality solutions. One-stop for all your solar needs!

Our Value


To be the leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, driving the global transition towards clean and renewable power. Empowering communities with affordable & eco-friendly solar technology.


Our mission is to build the best solar products that add maximum value to our customers' lives. We aim to inspire and implement environmentally friendly solutions, using business as a force for positive change.


Collaboration, support, and excellence drive us. We go the extra mile for our clients, delivering exceptional work and striving for environmental sustainability in all our endeavors.

Meet Our CEO

Mr. Ankush Antarkar

Mr. Ankush Antarkar, a visionary leader with a strong background in the renewable energy sector, serves as the CEO of ANTARKAR ENTERPRISES. With an impressive educational background in Mechanical Engineering, and 7 years of experience, he is at the forefront of driving innovation and propelling the company towards success. Led by visionary CEO Mr. Ankush Antarkar, our company is guided by a passion for sustainable energy and a commitment to innovation. With their expertise and leadership, we continue to revolutionize the solar industry.

Meet Our Team

Vijay khawale

Digital Marketing Consultant &
Growth Hacker

Vijay khawale

Digital Marketing Consultant & Growth Hacker